Welcome to Goddess Creative, I’m Jule, a holistic Intuitive practitioner Coach & author. Offering Quantum Energy healing & Soul Regression.

I am first and foremost passionate about spirituality and keeping a raised vibration. Navigating life’s highs and lows with grace and strength. Most recent work has been writing books on this.  I have intuitively read Cryptocurrency for the last couple of years and did predict the rise and fall of it. The focus was Cryptocurrency in 2020 and I have helped many through this pandemic situation be able to make gains, pay mortgages and just survive financially.  Any of you following my Youtube channel would have been following my work and did make the great gains then. My conversations with Spirit have been correct thus far! Again with the drop prediction I had for the end of 2021 was also correct. However my Guides have been also wanting me to focus on assisting those whom I can, get through this health situation. This has been a strong desire for 2022 as I have also been getting many will have health issues with the unfolding of what’s been forced upon us. I have studied and extended my knowledge with Quantum Energy healing through use of Scalar Meta Therapy Rife.  Giving recovery back to full whole health again.

Quantum Energy

Meta Therapy Scalar Energy combined with Rife Energy is sent remotely, has the ability to restructure and heal on the quantum level.  Research Nicola Tesla for Scalar and Dr Royal Rife for rife technology. These two technologies combined have incredible power to completely heal and restructure cells. Everything is Energy Vibration, absolutely Everything and these work by changing the frequency of the energetic component. Something that is negative causing ailment to return it to its upmost clear structure potential. I work with DNA to restructure and return to wholeness again.

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Let me know if I can assist you with a reading. My readings are ordered here  Then sent to you via email with a video recording format.

I am now taking bookings for Personal Crypto Currency Portfolio readings. For more information here

Empowered Meditation is a powerful direct practice guiding and teaching you how to connect to your Higher-Self. This is a technique developed and used by myself for many years. Its through this practice I became intuitively more psychic, grounded and whole. I teach this in workshops, retreats, by audios and my books.   

For many people this the first time they really realize and sense the connection of their true Higher-selves, their divine empowered self. 

Experience a Quantum Energy Meta Therapy session. These are done via zoom and we get to look inside the body to see exactly what is ailing you. This is amazing Quantum Meta therapy technology which uses Scalar & Rife to treat and heal. For more details here.

Retraining the mind audios & guided Empowered meditations to stop learned behaviours & remove negative blocks, replacing them with that which you really desire.   Read more.

Conducted quarterly on the beautiful Island of Bali. Come enjoy this life changing spiritual experience. For more information here.

Featuring the powerful Empowered Meditation technique which connects you to your higher-self.

Soul regression therapy, Beyond Quantum Healing are modalites that go to past lives, between lives and futures lives to gain you own first-hand knowledge and experience of the spiritual realms.

Accordion Content

With my extensive, experienced knowledge & understanding of the Law of Attraction as an LOA coach for over 20 yrs along with the understanding of quantum Energy.  It is Quantum Energy on all levels that will help us transcend this Earthly Matrix experience we are all currently going through. 

WHY? Because we are all ENERGY, Frequency & Vibration

Ask yourself – What are you transmitting?

Is it LOVE, ABUNDANCE, HEALTH, WEALTH in all its glory in all forms, every aspect?

Change your vibration on all levels. I have spent my life dedicated to this work. My knowledge to change Energy for better attraction is powerful. I work on the Quantum level of Body, Mind and Spiritual. Which brings about faster concrete change & Empowerment than ever before.


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