Hello & Welcome, I’m a holistic Intuitive practitioner,  & Soul Regression Coach. Who is also passionate about Health, Soul intact survival & Cryptocurrency.

I have been in Crypto for well over 4 years. My full focus was Cryptocurrency and I have helped many through this pandemic situation be able to make gains, pay mortgages and just survive financially. I did predict in 2020 that we would have great highs in Altcoins in early 2021. Any of you following my Youtube channel would have been following my work and did make the great gains too. My conversations with Spirit have been correct thus far! Again with the drop prediction I had for the end of 2021 was also correct. However my Guides have been also wanting me to focus on assisting those whom I can, get through this health situation that has been forced upon us. This has been a strong desire this past year as I have also been getting many will have health issues with the unfolding of what’s been forced upon us and well just contact and recovery back to full whole health again will be a struggle for many.

My desire is to assist people through this Global Financial crisis have now changed, no longer just to assist financially & spiritually, and make sure people have financially positioned themselves well. This was my priory 2020 and 2021. Because of the large amount of gov pressure and the health concern this is where my attention lays now. Yes I am still in crypto, I do believe eventually all markets will have a crash but most premium Altcoins will come back and be good for 2022. The priority has to be on health and particularly spiritual health now. There will be an unconsciousness falling over the planet, I mean its been here for ages but what I mean is even further with the trying to dull the senses that this mandate in many countries has caused. That will be the next priority to over come many are not talking about yet.

With my extensive, experienced knowledge & understanding of the Law of Attraction as an LOA coach for over 20 yrs along with the understanding of quantum Energy.  It is Quantum Energy on all levels that will help us transcend this Earthly Matrix experience we are all currently going through. 

WHY? Because we are all ENERGY, Frequency & Vibration

Ask yourself – What are you transmitting?

Is it LOVE, ABUNDANCE, HEALTH, WEALTH in all its glory in all forms, every aspect?

Well if not and your resonance is not attracting that, then you need to change your vibration on all levels. I have spent my life dedicated to this work. My knowledge to help others change Energy for better attraction is powerful. I work on the Quantum level of Body, Mind and Spiritual. Which brings about faster concrete change & Empowerment than ever before.

Quantum Energy

Scalar Energy along with Rife Energy has the ability to restructure and heal on the quantum level.  Research Nicola Tesla for Scalar and Dr Royal Rife for rife technology. These two technologies combined have incredible power to completely heal and restructure cells. Everything is Energy Vibration, absolutely Everything and these work by changing the frequency of the energetic component. Something that is negative causing ailment to return it to its upmost clear structure potential. I work with DNA to restructure and return to wholeness again.

Holding Empowered Meditation classes in the Scalar Field along with mini retreats on the Gold Coast. Totally transform and heal! To sit in the scalar field not only enhances your Energy structure, starts returning to wholeness but also enhances your ability to carry this meditative Energy experience with you when away from the field.  Move out of the fear density, reclaim your health and your Sovereignty.

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If it may be to clear blocks, push through your wealth ceiling so you can resonate a higher level of abundance in your life or assist you on your Spiritual path so you may know your own intuition. I can assist you! Here 1 hr coaching session via Zoom call 

Retraining the mind audios & guided meditations to stop learned behaviours & remove negative thought processes, replacing them with that which you really desire.   Read more.

Empowered mediation workshops is using a very relaxed state, likened to be taken into hypnosis to achieve an outcome, either to facilitate a journey, healing, growth and evolving.  Combined with intention and alchemy. You will come away feeling more empowered and connected to Source. I facilitate and teach this method so you can start your own home practice of empowered meditation. The main aim is to encourage a stronger connection with your Source self, heal and evolve the soul.

 Workshops are run all over the world currently as I travel a lot. find upcoming dates here

Together, we’ll address all of your personal blockages and explore your path to enlightenment. 

Soul regression therapy, Beyond Quantum Healing are modalites that go to past lives, between lives and futures lives to gain you own first-hand knowledge and experience of the spiritual realms.

Become inspired & empowered.

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