Cryptocurrency Portfolio Reading.

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This reading focuses on your portfolio of cryptocurrency holdings.

What cryptocurrency you have invested in to gain the best value. Note* I can only give pricepoints if I have already done a Tarot reading on the crypto you are requesting info. If I have not already done a reading for your requested con/token then the information will be a quick look at the coins energy but price points not to be as trusted. Because time has not been spent going over and over for more accuracy.

My work is a guide only to assist those from not selling out of certain crypto to early to enable them to make more gains.

See full details below before purchase –

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I conduct readings out of energetic flow and joy to assist people. Read all below –

  • My readings are done by Tarot and crystal divining. This is a 1- 1.5 hour of my time reading allocated to you, your energy, and your portfolio, asking spirit in regard to your portfolio and any questions you have relating to your wealth-building. So, send me the first name you are known by, so when I am asking I can use your name, age, and country. This helps me hone into your energy in relation to your reading.
  • I can give you price points certain coins will reach around a timeline but there is no guarantee this timeline will be accurate. I cannot spend time to work out exactly how much money you will have for each coin you hold. You need an accountant for that,  far too detailed and time-consuming. Dollar value would also depend on when you purchased and when you cash out, which is not my decision.

  • You are welcome to send me questions up to 5, around your cryptocurrency portfolio and wealth building. Send me a percentage of each asset you hold ( you do not need to tell me dollar value) this gives me an idea if you can give me a percentage owned. And the more detail the questions of your desired goal the more accurately I can get answers for you.

  • You can ask if you should cash out at a certain time point to purchase whatever you want to purchase. (example may be a property) This becomes very personal to you if certain crypto will give you the funds you need to do what you want to do.
  • Another question I ask is will you retain your wealth going forward or does spirit have some advice for you.
  • Put your questions in the comments box on the checkout page, please.
  • Your reading is sent to you by voice recording and photos.
  • Note that my communication is via email (so make sure your email address is correct and not deleting my correspondence.)  once you have made your booking.
  • Readings are done as my time allows and first come in basis and could take up to a week or more. My aim is to process them as soon as possible. But please have consideration and patience. Note* Also I am in Australia so my time is different from yours most likely.
  • Once your order has come through I am aware that your order is there, so don’t worry it will be in the queue. If I do get extra busy with requests I will notify you of when the reading will most likely be able to be completed.

Note* This information given is private and copyright to Jule – not to be shared without approval. Jule @goddesscreative takes no responsibility for the outcomes pertaining to the information given. Is for entertainment purposes only. No aspect of it is financial advice do your own research before investing and trust your own guidance above all else.

2 reviews for Cryptocurrency Portfolio Reading.

  1. 5 out of 5

    Fuentes Joey (verified owner)

    I had a great crypto portfolio reading experience with Jule. Highly recommended.
    Based on her readings on my portfolio, YouTube videos and my concerns on some cryptos investments, I was able to tweak my portfolio to make it more balanced, diversified, and remove the ones that she and I felt not giving quite high returns.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Michael K (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this service for everyone who is invested into crypto! You will receive lots of great detailed information, very insightful and I am sure it will pay out greatly in the near future! Amazing service from Jule! <3

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