Register your interest for upcoming Workshops

You will then be emailed information on the below workshops. These will be conducted on Zoom in a Zoom room that you can show your face or not, The session can also be recorded. It is presented by Jule a who is an experienced holistic coach and Soul regression therapist with over 20 yrs experience. All of the Workshops will include discussion and some regression Alchemy work to make the changes needed.

Please select what interests you and you would like help with? About the workshops they generally go for 2 – 2.5 hours. They will include – 1st discussion and 2nd Alchemy whereby you participate. I will guide you into a very relaxed state not unlike hypnotherapy session whereby you are still conscious but very relaxed. From here we will work in the Ethereal together to make subtle changes in your psyche which flows through into the physical. 3rd you will awaken relaxed and more empowered, are given tools to assist your path forward. NOTE* Most people will benefit from all 3 workshops to get long term lasting effects.