Shungite Sterling Silver Pendant – EMF & All Energy clearing Protect & Renew



Sterling silver Shungite Pendant 

*Note listing is for pendant only, chain not included but does come black neck cord.

Design – handcrafted original GoddessCreative design

Material – 925 sterling silver & genuine type 2 polished black Shungite with silver visible lines of pyrite.

Size – 11 mm x 11 mm square shape Shungite cabochon.

Amazing Shungite has been known to be in the earth for billions of years. It’s a very old ancient stone.

The benefits of Shungite –

  • EMF (Electromagnetic field) protection. Protecting you from harmful effects of all electronics, mobiles, phone towers, microwaves and all electronics that slowly disrupt the bodies own natural magnetic field.·
  • Shungite is a grounding stone adding spiritual grounding and protection to your whole being. Grounds into the base chakra aiding in more security and well-being. It is also a great stone in any healing practices for protection and clearing. Use it when processing patterns that are not in alignment with you anymore, or that no longer serve.  Also offers entity protection.
  •  Cleaning, clearing and empowering you, your environment and water. This stone is known for its ability to clean water into healing healthy drinking water that has the ability to recharge your body and keep it healthy
  •  Detoxes the body and brings it back into health and alignment. Allowing building immunity.
  • When your body doesn’t have to fight the negative effects of the EMF’s your phone & other electronics produce it can then repair and heal itself.
  • For sensitive people, they will feel the lifting of heavy tension in the neck. head and shoulder area. Allowing for clearer thinking and concentration.


You may have heard about the amazing properties of Shungite before and it really does do all it promises. It’s the best natural, easy, amazing detox item to invest in for your personal EMF and complete energy protection. Transmutes all forms of negative energy! This rock does not need charging, cleaning or changing after a time as is powerful in its own constitution of fullerene benefit, it transmutes toxins into a pure form of energy. Protecting the human energy field and helping it remain in alignment and for those on the path aiding in becoming more evolved spiritually without negative interference.

I absolutely love Shungite, It has changed my life, especially with my work being a holistic coach that works with energy within the quantum field. I do believe some people are more sensitive to the effect of Shungite than others but absolutely everyone can benefit from being protected from EMF’s as they are just a nasty reality in our timeline right now. As technology advances so will this EMF effect have on the human energy field as it breaks it down, damages the DNA, not allowing the body to renew, function optimally and so prematurely age us with very damaging health effects. Amazing tests are being done with Shungite near your body is seen under a microscope how it changes and starts repairing blood cells. It has been shown under the microscope even new stem cells formed. This could definitely aid in anti-aging.

My experience with Shungite

I’m an empath and have been prone to picking up negative energy easily, either from other beings or planetary shifts,  I have recovered from ill health and lowered immunity. When I first started to drink Shungite water and wear Shungite I did experience detox symptoms as well. And I warn you that’s what it does, it rids your body of toxicity. I experienced muscle aches, broke out with a cold sore on my lip but the cold sore only lasted a few hours. Normally past cold sores would have lasted days to weeks or more but with wearing the Shungite and drinking the water, it was gone in a few hours. I was amazed!   Now I am not making any health claims, I just want to share what personally happened for me. I do recommend to give it a try. It is not an instant miracle but with time it does change matter positively because of it fullerene content and that fullerene effect on the body’s energy field. It is a gift from Mother nature’s natural ability to heal.

All my shungite is authentic and comes from the Karelia mine in Russia. It is tested for its authenticity and ability to conduct, by using the flashlight method of checking. You can see in my picture added above that it is indeed real Shungite stone which I have designed and styled with genuine sterling silver.

GoddessCreative aim is to design with a spiritual intention to produce a product that is unique & empowered. General Shungite jewelry is generally sold mass produced, large and bulky but my aim is for smaller more beautiful designs which in no way affect the quality or effectiveness ability of the Shungite.

Processing time – 1 – 2 business day

Item Location – Queensland Australia



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