Personal Coaching Session


Includes 30 min personal contact via Phone, Skype, Whatsapp or FB Messenger call. Email contact and Text message communication if need be.
Recommended some knowledge with universal laws. Pre-scheduled to when needed.

See below for further details –


Personal coaching session via phone or in person. This can be a once-off call or scheduled weekly or monthly to suit your need.

Pre-scheduled to when needed.  Includes 30 – 40 min weekly phone or Zoom session. Email contact follow-up.

Note* I specialize in helping shift blocks, helping you work out and pinpoint what could be holding you back, then giving you tools that will take you to your next level.

The Process – I work by first asking you to fill out a client form, schedule a time to chat, call to get to what/why the problem is, give tools and ideas on how to overcome it. A few days later you will get feedback by me after I have spoken to spirit to make sure we are on the right path or at what/where the blockage is. For example, if it is an abundance blockage, I work out at what level yours is at and I work on clearing that in the ethereal for you. I come back to you with a follow-up email with instructions for you clearing it also yourself as well, so we cement the energy. Or you can also attend Zoom group or private session to clear it.

Once you have completed the payment a Client Introductory Enquiry form will be emailed to you for you to fill out and return. Or go directly here –  to fill out the Client Introductory Enquiry form

I will then contact you to schedule and confirm an appointment time.

I look forward to working with you and helping you make amazing changes towards fulfilling your desires.

Other ways this session could help you –

Clear blockages regarding being/feeling –

abundant, deserving, always having to work hard, struggle, intuitive, protected, divinely guided, things falling into place easily, love, health, wealth, joy, life lack, direction, goals, feeling defeated, shame, not catching a break.


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