Meditation in the Pure Scalar field – Healthy Spiritual modulate to advancement


January 3 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm


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This meditation is only for those who are vax Free and healthy. Who want to experience the benefits of Pure scalar Energy whilst meditating with the aim to advance their connection within the Quantum Energetic field.

Modulation with Rife – that will be transmitted and received within this particular Scalar field – Aura,  Chakra balancing, Schumann resonance and Kundalini expand frequencies.

Please note* if you have serious health issues it is best you experience a session alone not sharing the field with no one else. You also need have a private consultation and start the remote Rife (Dr Royal Rife) protocols as well to enhance your treatment away from the studio for best results.

Class spaces are limited to 5 – 6 people only per class. To BOOK for this class now to reserve your space here. Note I will be checking with my Source Guides to make sure everyone’s quantum entanglement matches and is for the highest purpose of all. If this  is SOLD out its means no more spaces available for that day. Please book another day or contact me for Private session with yourself and friend/family welcome together.

PLEASE NOTE* This is NOT medical advise. Please contact your medical doctor or health advisor if you are at all concerned about your health or health symptoms. It is also recommended to take all medicine and supplements prescribed by your health advisor along with any alternative treatment you may try. 


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