Crypto Report TWO – 2021/2022

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Prices for 2021 & All-Time High for 2022

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29 POPULAR CRYPTO with ascending Prices 

See full list of Included crypto below bottom page –

  • 29 Altcoins with ascending prices for 2021 – for all Alts in 4 x boxes.
  • The lowest price spirit gives for each Altcoin in the drop.
  • The ATH each Altcoin will get to in 2022
  • Plus BONUS – 9 extra Altcoins (no prices) spirits information.

*****Note* No updates on prices in this report, All prices will get hit. Updates on this report will be for the energy of the Crypto project and strength continuing or not Only. Given at my leisure on Youtube. Or emailed to you by donation.

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Powerful invaluable insight to be positioned well this year!

29 Popular Crypto with ascending prices for 2021

  All-Time High for 2022

*Plus BONUS – Spirits information on (NOT prices) – BOLT, Verge, Siacoin, Bondly, SingularityNet, Plair, Elrund, Aave and Solana

All Prices USD

Included cryptocurrency in this Report TWO –

BCH, LINK, LTC, OMG, ONE, PAY, ALGO, CRV, STAKE, DMG, DOS, GAME, KDA, QLC, REN, WAN, QTUM, POWR, MIOTA, NEO, RARI, PLR, ADX, LCR, POLY, and the brand-new additions are –Tron, Holochain, Polygon – Matic, Utrust.

  • Altcoin prices for all Alts in 4 x boxes (comparative to timelines)  2021, plus 4 x new Altcoins added.
  • The lowest price spirit gives for each Altcoin in the drop.
  • The ATH each Altcoin will get to in 2022, very important as will tell us what projects survive into next year because not all will. Some will disappear, change or merge affecting our investments going forward.

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Note* This information given is private and copyright to Jule – not to be shared without approval. Jule @goddesscreative takes no responsibility for the outcomes pertaining to the information given. Is for entertainment purposes only. No aspect of it is financial advice do your own research before investing and trust your own guidance above all else.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    SAMI AL ALI (verified owner)

    As expected , this new report 2 ( 2021/22 ) is just a fantastic product . Really Jule , your work helped & helping me too much in this industry . Your hard work and dedication are clear to me and should be to everyone . Highly appreciating your efforts and support .Thaaaaaaaaaanks .

  2. 5 out of 5

    Kjell Matzow (verified owner)

    As always, you are amazing. Changing my life. Provided your reports are used wise, they have live changing capacities for everyone that is wiling to listen. Namaste

  3. 5 out of 5

    Tuan Nguyen (verified owner)

    Another amazing report with so many hidden gems. Thank you Jule for the exceptional and personable service!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Vanassa Grant (verified owner)

    I am so happy that my brother told me about your YouTube Channel. After watching a few videos I knew I wanted all three reports. I have all three and I am excited about joining your platinium. I spend time reviewing each report. Each report is different. A lot of information in each report. A lot of energy…. Happy to join a like minded group… This is very exciting. Thank you

    • Jule

      Thanks Vanassa, for your lovely comments!🙏

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