Crypto Report 1 Updates


The latest Extensive update of Crypto Report 1 2021/2022

Shows percentage each altcoin is expected to drop in 4th quarter 2021 & 1st quarter 2022

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Note this is the latest update to the original CR One 2021/2022

The requirement for the purchase of this product is that you have already purchased Crypto Report One 2021/2022 as this is an update of that.

This update is extensive, with price drop percentage & 2023 pushed prices.

This update gives a percentage drop of what the altcoins could drop in the next bear market time which I am predicting for the 4th quarter 2021 and 1st quarter 2022. This will give an indicator of a buyback in price.

I do endeavor to update 4 – 6 weekly when time allows, if its just a price check update then you can repurchase here for the latest update in 4 – 6 weeks time and the price will be on sale at only $10

 *****Please allow up to 48 hrs for your order to be sent!       NOT automated set up ……… I endeavor to have your order sent to your nominated email as soon as possible…. NOTE* I do not work on Sunday. So all new orders coming in over the weekend will go out Monday.

Note* This information given is private and copyright to Jule – not to be shared without approval. Jule @goddesscreative takes no responsibility for the outcomes pertaining to the information given. Is for entertainment purposes only. No aspect of it is financial advice do your own research before investing and trust your own guidance above all else.


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