Abundance Creative Visualisation Meditation


Abundance Creative visualisation audio – approx 24 min

At the about halfway point through this audio, there is a pause of my guidance speaking for approximately 3 – 5 min and will resume again after that point. This time is to use your own creative process to put in detail as you need it. If you need longer time just pause your recording.


Abundance Creative Visualization Meditation

Creative visualisation meditation – Abundance.

Creative visualisation manifestation meditations help you define your manifestation goal and set the scene of your creative visualisation more easily.  They also help you keep focused on the task at hand instead of your mind wondering.  Use it as a guide and add your own personal touches to make the visualisation yours.  You can add anything you desire , note this scene scenario is an island escape. You can find a brief of the script here. For other scenes with your own fantasy situations, these can be customised for you on the personalised audio meditation. here.

Note that when I use the words minds-eye relates to you visualising the suggestion image I give to you in your mind. It does not matter the exact details, these are only suggestions of the image, you are welcome to change the picture, colours and any details to anything you like. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It is just what is perfect and right for you. Be in the allowing creative space of this practice.

The Abundance audio Meditation has relaxing music along with a solfeggio binaural tone in the background.  The tone may sound strange at first but is important and at such a vibration as to connect on an etheric level enabling healing and re-structuring of cell matter. And either have affirmations in a low tone done in the “I am” statements or in the case of the creative visualisation guidance also using the “I am” statements.

Why solfeggio binaural tone and what tone is it? We use a 528 hrz love frequency tone which resonates at a high purity vibration of love to unite us with unity conscious, balance our energy and heal.

Why the “I am” statements?

The metaphysical meaning of “ I am” is the real spiritual Christ consciousness of each and every person. Your aspect of you that is I am life, love, wisdom connected divine universal consciousness.

Use the guidance of the voice to be like your own voice.  So You can repeat the words in your head as this will cement the intention work.

Please note* these audios should NOT be listened to whilst driving as these audios having the relaxed binaural tone producing a relaxed state and may cause drowsiness. For the Creative visualisation meditation audios please listen to these with the expectation to go into meditation. So in a quiet place sitting or lying down where you can close your eyes and relax to go into the meditation.


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