Brain Re-Training Audios

Goddess Creative audios are in two different styles – See examples below for Abundance.

  1. Creative visualisation manifestation meditation – Is a actual guided meditation.
  2. Brain retraining Affirmation audios music – Is a low tone affirmation music to play whilst sleep or activity.

Both types offer relaxing music for life improvement & manifestation. Along with a solfeggio binaural tone in the background. Both also use affirmation statements in a low tone done in the “I am” statements or in the case of the creative visualisation guidance also using the “I am” statements.

Why solfeggio binaural tone and what tone is it? We use a 528 hrz love frequency tone which resonates at a high purity vibration of love to unite us with unity conscious, balance our energy and heal.

Why the “I am” statements?

The metaphysical meaning of “ I am” is the real spiritual Christ consciousness of each and every person. Your aspect of you that is I am life, love, wisdom connected divine universal consciousness.

Listen to this one whilst sleeping or doing any activity. It has very low level affirmations that retrain the brain & effect your sub-conscious.

Listen to this one in your conscious meditation. You will be guided imaging yourself into a creative powerful positive manifesting meditation.

abundance re training
abundance creative


How do the creative visual manifestations work?

These are guided meditations of suggested visions that help you connect with your higher-self, the universal life force and manifestation intents. Goddess Life – Creative visualisation manifestation meditations work in a similar way as normal guided meditation but we go into the presence and future by the “I am” statements and creatively designing outcomes we desire. Which is conducive to manifesting.

Guided scenes are played out for you so you can easily visualise what you are being suggested. Guided visualisation is nothing new and if you have done yoga or experienced a hypnotic session you are guided visually to relax and go back in your mind and you just follow on with the instruction and your mind will take you to a relaxing place and experience.

However, many people are not good at sustaining visualisations alone for themselves during a session and their mind tends to wonder. If this is you, these creative visualisations are incredibly helpful in keeping you on track. Especially with your manifestation. Therefore, also exercising and strengthening your creative visualisation ability. Then just being able to call the vision at will in your minds-eye and for as long as you like as many times as you like throughout the day….This strengthens the manifesting process as universal consciousness does not know what is reality or not- reality. So, will bring to you what you think about and imagine the most. Being in the relaxed state of meditation whilst doing this builds the bond with creation and your own divining creativity to manifest consciously.

It is very powerful and is what I call conscious creating and being a conscious creator, like drawing a picture but in your mind and working with the universe to produce emotion/feeling whilst doing this exercise can create miracles.

Examples of what these creative visual manifestations look/sound like –

For the health manifestation, you will be guided into Cell renewal energizing visual exercises. Then healthy visual scenes in your mind, doing things whereby you are whole, strong healthy and vibrant.

For wealth building you are guided to a pristine place where every luxury is yours, examples of luxury scenes and experiences are played out for you to imagine in your mind.

Very important not to sweat the small stuff as details are not that important within the manifesting dream. Your version of what colour your outfit is in your vision or what the water looks like is irrelevant as long as you like what you see. But try as I said not to sweat the small detail stuff that is a judgement because your mind will lose sight of the flow of what we are trying to achieve.

These are one of the easiest and most powerful tools you could probably start using in your life today to change your life for the better tomorrow. I totally believe these are one of the forgotten gems and most powerful tools you will ever use. Big statement I know but I absolutely swear by them in all my processing, healing and transcending negative energy in my life this is by least the number one thing I have used that has helped me to no end………… The incredible contrast experienced in early life gave absolutely no belonging, connection, love or self-worth in my life. It was only with listening to these audios now 20 years ago I listened to my first brain retraining audios that changed both my thoughts, behaviours and outcomes.

Ever since I have used these I have manifested so much easier and faster. I use the creative visual manifestation audio to manifest my desires. They just flow easily and fast now especially if I remain in the state of easy allowing even when out of meditation.

How does the Brain re-training Affirmation audio work?

I use the affirmation audio music for brain retraining. Which empowers you first through your connection and acknowledgement with spirit, so the audio connects with your spirit which awakens, in turn, provides universal support. Then through your sub-conscious mind a changing, elimination of old paradigms and belief systems.  It does then start growing new neurons in your brain allowing new pathways to be formed creating awareness, understanding and acceptance of past and present. Making way for a new unfolding, new belief system of empowerment and the renewed you.

Goddess Life audios come in the main life desires, which are Health, wealth and Love relationship. All these audios provide a direct connection to spiritual consciousness and will aid in your own spiritual progress no matter what audio you chose. As your spiritual growth is an integral part of the process to the whole. Just as you develop and improve one area of your life so will others because it is all about moulding energy. So, once you understand and can raise and manipulate your own energy will help all areas of your life. The only discrepancy about that is if you are holding something in your vibration about a certain subject and you cannot let it go without some processing and healing. More in this on in blog –

I am aware that not all our Goddess Life pre-recorded dream visual manifestations are ideal for everyone. So that is where the personalisation of both the Creative visualisation manifestation meditations and the Brain retraining Affirmation audios music can be customised for you to exactly what you desire. See here for more info on that

Please note*  these audios should NOT be listened to whilst driving as these audios have the relaxed binaural tone producing a relaxed state and may cause drowsiness. For the Creative visualisation meditation audios please listen to these with the expectation to go into meditation. So in a quiet place sitting or lying down where you can close your eyes and relax to go into the meditation.

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